Dump Day

Dump day will be June 13th from 8am – 12pm. We will have a dumpster for trash and a dumpster for metal recyclables.

The trash dumpster will not take appliances, electronics, paint, tires, or yard waste. The recycle dumpster will not take electronics or appliances with refrigerant in them.

Hydrant Flushing

The Village will be flushing the hydrants in town Tuesday (12/16) – Friday(12/19). You will probably experience some temporary discoloration with your water at home. Go ahead and run your water until it clears up. The water is safe to drink. This is the last step to having our new and improved water treatment plant connected. Please share with all family and friends in town that might not be connected to technology. The next water project is our new 150K gallon water tower (previously 50K) that will break ground in the spring. Thank you for all of your patience!

Boil Order Lifted

The boil order which was caused by the tornado on 11/17/2013 has been lifted for the village of Gifford.  Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Website Updates

As you can see, the Village of Gifford website has been undergoing some significant changes.  As part of the upgraded look of the site, we’ve added a lot more images from around town.  Do you have shots from around town that you’d like to see on the site?  Please use the form on our contact page to get more information.

Along with upgrading the look of the site, we’ve added a lot of new pages.  We’ll be adding more content to these pages as we wrap up the updates.  We’ve also started putting village ordinances online as well.  The ultimate goal is to eventually have all of the ordinances online and searchable.

Finally, you’ll notice we’ve integrated social media into our site.  We’ve established a Facebook page, Twitter account, and we’ll be using RSS feeds to help facilitate the flow of information to our residents.

Please feel free to send us feedback about the site.  We would like to make the site as usable as possible for everyone.